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Crude Oil & Stock

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Yesterday I was talking to a friend, he was giving his view on Crude oil price.

“US crude oil now at 3 years low, oil price will go further down. Saudi Arabia price cut. Oil price affect stock market..etc”

I certainly do not process a crystal ball to see the future but I look at chart to tell me the story.

Let me share with you the charts and invite your comments.

Crude oil weekly

Crude oil daily

Weekly Chart of Crude Oil:

Crude oil price has been out of the low channel. It is way over sold.

MACD Histogram has tick up.

Daily Chart of Crude oil:

I see a bullish divergence on the daily chart.

Crude oil price is making lower price but MACD histogram is shallow.

In summary, We might be seeing a bottom of crude oil but I might be wrong.

Before i sign off, I think stock counter that are related to Oil & Gas are worth to take a look.

Keppel Corp, Sembcorp Marine & Rex Intl.

Keppel Corp current price of $9.22 is at Year 2012 low.

Sembcorp Marine current price of $3.37 is at Year 2012 low.

Rex intl current price of $0.42, all time low is 0.395.

Best Wishes,

Divergence Trader Francis




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